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A popular textile motif of Persian origin, the Paisley pattern is coloured with a blue and gold scheme creating an attractive colour texture.


Pink and red orchid flowers make up this design, drawing inspiration from the colourful and fragrant blossoms of this vibrant plant.

French Bulldog

One of the most popular domestic dogs, this cute French Bulldog pattern, or the Frenchie for short, features the inquisitive pooch in a window upon a black & white patterned background.

Royal Stewart Tartan

Classical and simplistic, the tartan print is an iconic pattern that can complete an outfit within its timeless design. 

Cheeky Cat

The pop-art inspired style coupled with the sleek pose of the cheeky cat hints at a graceful, yet mysterious, design that attracts an essence of intrigue to its bearer.

Cavalier King Charles...

A look of sheer curiosity paints the face of these inquisitive King Charles Spaniels; their puppy dog eyes invite you to play as they coat this wonderful tapestry design with delight.  


An adorable West Highland Terrier sits patiently waiting for play-time in this endearing tapestry design. For dog-lovers everywhere; it’s a charming pattern that you simply cannot ignore.


The poppy blossoms and splashes this design with a sea of scarlet; it symbolises a poignant sign of remembrance for our armed forces.

Strawberry Thief Blue

A sumptuous design that is instantly recognisable as the work of William Morris; it reproduces an original tapestry piece of his created in the 19th century – also available in red.

Strawberry Thief Red

A sumptuous design that is instantly recognisable as the work of William Morris; it reproduces an original tapestry piece of his created in the 19th century – also available in blue.

Equestrian Sport

A classic checkerboard coat provides the backdrop for this pattern; layered in a subtle gold, grey and cream, it provides an appropriate background for the equestrian imagery; as iconic images of polo, dressage and racing horses adorn the tapestry material. 


Wherever you look in this delightful design, Britain’s favourite dog looks back at you appealingly. Labrador’s in every shade of colour from golden-yellow to chocolate-brown are making eyes, just waiting for you to make a fuss and to pet them.


And they’re off! This tapestry celebrates the ‘sport of kings’ with a beautiful design that brings to life all the excitement of a day at the races. Horses of unquestionable pedigree canter and gallop along, ridden by jockeys in the colourful silks of their owners.

Miss London

This elegant design encapsulates the excitement of life in the capital. It’s another from our unique 'Signature of London' range and sets a stylish young girl with an umbrella against various iconic London landmarks including Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and a classic London bus. City life is cool!


The beauty of the butterfly design is inspired by the vivid colour and varied shapes of this exotic creature; as it helps bring to life a taste summer within its pattern

London Bear

This fun, patriotic design is from our unique 'Signature of London' range. Our cute teddy bear poses as Union Jack Bear, Beefeater bear and Metropolitan Police-bear for a quirky take on English heritage. Fond memories of London every time you look at it!


A black and white pattern provides an interesting illusion, as the swirling branches of Klimt’s artwork adorn this piece in a modern fashion. 


These cute little ladybirds crawl across the daisy field and grace this tapestry design, bringing a summer-time feel to your day-to-day trips.

Beach Hut

Reminiscent of swimming by the seaside in Summers gone by, the Beach Hut design features a scatter of sun loungers and sea shells, creating a charming pattern that is perfect for visits to the shore. 


A charming flock of Robins coat this tapestry pattern; beaming their scarlet chests, they happily perch on the branches of the wintery woods.  

The Cray

The flourishing flowers of William Morris’s The Cray creates a swirling pattern of flora that is delicately woven throughout this tapestry pattern. 

Willow Bough

Stems entwine amongst the willow leaves to create the famed Willow Bough by William Morris; an enduring pattern that is magnified through the use of tapestry design. 

Alice in Wonderland

Inspired by English textiles designer Charles Voysey’sroller-printed cotton designs, the 2017 Alice in Wonderland Collection features all of the weird and wonderful creatures you know and love. From the eccentric and unpredictable Mad Hatter to the the witty Cheshire Cat, make an entrance with this design classic.

Golden Lily

Inspired by the work of English textiles icon J. H. Dearle, the 2017 Golden Lily Collection provides a modern take on a timeless classic. The striking seasonal fabric of entwined lily flowers, stems and tendrils creates a floral arrangement designed to blend well with sun-kissed pastel colour schemes.


First described by the Portuguese as the ‘flame-coloured’ bird, their long necks and even longer legs makes the flamingo stand out as one of the most beautifully vibrant creatures. The 2017 Flamingo Collection features a refreshing wash of flamingo pink and cherry blossom red, perfect for rejuvenating your summer style.

Spring Flowers

A reproduction of English textiles designer Charles Voysey, the 2017 Spring Flowers Collection is dreamy and fragrant combination of spring wildlife and the perfect match for summer browns and beiges. The colourful combination of summer snapdragons, butterflies, birds and tulips is designed to help you create the perfect sun-sational outfit this year!


Licenced from UK-based graphic designer Marilyn Robertson, the 2017 Catitude Collection is a creative interplay of colour, line and form featuring Jasper-the-Cat with his friends Thomas, Felix and Sebastian. The subtlety expressive design oozes sophistication, melding a light cream base with shaded blacks and just a touch of crimson. Meow!