The Cray

The flourishing flowers of William Morris’s The Cray creates a swirling pattern of flora that is delicately woven throughout this tapestry pattern. 

A compact top handled piece, the Bowler Bag blends style and practicality into a fantastic bag for your everyday travels.
Spacious and sturdy, the College Bag makes a brilliant choice for school or work with its large capacity and firm build.
Proven to be one of our most popular styles, this elegantly designed classic top handled piece is one that can serve as a fantastic choice for your everyday travel needs. 
Compactly designed to store cosmetic accessories.
A cute piece that is able to complete an outfit and secure your funds.
A cute pouch for protection; it is able to fit a single pair of glasses.
Perfect for work, school or a shopping trip with your friends; the hobo bag uses its entire tapestry coated mass to maximise its capacity. 
Definitively designed for an avid shopper, this bag is sturdily made for a busy day at the shops; with ample room provided for your goods.
A nifty satchel for your daily essentials, the across body bag is compactly designed in its appearance.
Designed to contain plenty of storage for your travels, this holdall proves to be an ideal choice as a travel companion. 
A fantastic money pouch for keeping all of your change together.
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