London Bear

This fun, patriotic design is from our unique 'Signature of London' range. Our cute teddy bear poses as Union Jack Bear, Beefeater bear and Metropolitan Police-bear for a quirky take on English heritage. Fond memories of London every time you look at it!

A nifty satchel for your daily essentials, the across body bag is compactly designed in its appearance.
Proven to be one of our most popular styles, this elegantly designed classic top handled piece is one that can serve as a fantastic choice for your everyday travel needs. 
A great addition to your travel collection, this piece is courteously designed to provide ample room as a weekend or gym bag.  
With an open top pocket, the boutique rucksack is a trendy way of travelling to school or work and carrying your essentials in style.
Definitively designed for an avid shopper, this bag is sturdily made for a busy day at the shops; with ample room provided for your goods.
Compactly designed to store cosmetic accessories.
An eco-friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags; this tote is perfect for your weekly shopping needs.
A cute piece that is able to complete an outfit and secure your funds. 
A petite and simple purse for storing change.
The Long-Zip Round Wallet from Signare featuring the latest RFID-blocking technology to protect your contactless cards from thieves and scanners.
A larger version of the Signare Cosmetic Bag, perfect for storing those extra make-up accessories within.
The Hip Bag is a compact piece for carrying all the daily essentials for a day around the city.
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